Wildlife Removal

Small animals, especially rats and mice, are naturally drawn to human habitations. They are sources of plentiful food, water, shelter, and protection from their natural predators. Of course, they also cause home and business owners plenty of trouble, damaging the building's structure, contaminating food, even chewing through electrical wiring. If you think you might have an unwelcome guest, contact Solitude for a free inspection.


Solitude's residential and commercial animal removal services include:


   •Complete removal and entry prevention of armadillos, bats, bees, birds, 

    mice, moles, opossums, racoons, rats, squirrels, snakes, and more;

   •Surface sterilization and disinfection;

   •Complete attic disinfection and restoration;

   •Lifetime guarantee on all Solitude Pest Solutions technicians' work.


Contact Solitude and sleep easier tonight!